Deerskin Into Buckskin

A 4-day camp focused on turning a raw deer skin into soft, smoked buckskin.

From scraping, to braining, softening and smoking.


Camping in beautiful surroundings, gathered round the fire. 


Bark Tanning camp

A weekend course covering bark tanning in depth.
We'll be tanning rabbit furs, salmon skins, learning about deer skin leather and making small bags



One-to-One Tuition

Come and visit one of our tanneries in Devon or Wales and we can get you started, or guide you through your tanning projects.


We are happy to offer tuition, tanning resources and equipment. 




Attended this incredible course last year. The venue was stunning and I felt so immersed in nature. The tutors managed the group needs with finesse, giving everyone the time and attention they needed. I was overwhelmed by the knowledge of our tutors and got more than my monies worth from them. Even if you've tanned before there's so much you can learn. So good I'm considering doing it again just for the sheer enjoyment of being around these talented and knowledgeable ladies.

~Cat Anson, course participant 2016


The course was fantastic. I had very little experience in tanning , yet i was guided to make a stunning, soft buckskin that i love. There was so much detail explained to us and i learnt many new skills.

Since the course I've tanned 4 more skins and i plan to do more!

~Kael, course participant 2017


This course made my heart sing. I was wholeheartedly nourished by the joys of learning new crafts with wonderful people in a beautiful natural setting. And Jessie and Jane are wonderful company and guides.

~ Bruce Parry, Explorer, ethnologist and course participant 2016