Private tuition

We welcome people to our home tanneries - Jessie’s on Dartmoor in Devon, and Jane is in Mid-Wales.

We offer one-to-one, or small group tuition for anything to do with tanning or sewing. We can provide some skins, or if you have an animal skin you need help with then you can come to one of our teaching spaces and make the most of our tools and infrastructure whilst we guide you through the tanning of your skin.

Small mammal skins can be done in a day (such as rabbit, squirrel, mole etc) however a sheep, deer or goat skin will take several days and you’d need to find accommodation nearby.


Do you want to include tanning or related crafts in your existing school or courses?

We are available to work with you and can bring all materials and equipment.

We both have worked with adults, teens and children in outdoor education and teaching tanning to all age ranges.

Call us for advice on the best way forwards.


Jessie’s tannery is based on Dartmoor in Devon - call Jessie on 07780977058

Jane’s tannery is based in Llanidloes in Mid Wales - call Jane on 07456508320

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