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If you are interested in finding out more about tanning here are some resources...


Introduction to tanning article and Ethics of leather tanning article written by us.

Some useful websites... - an online directory of all things brain tanning related. How to’s, tools, advice, hides for sale, etc.

Lynx Vilden - Wilderness guide, stone age crafts and primitive living skills.

Katie Russell - traditional tanning teacher, Seattle.

Jutulskinn - traditional tannery in Norway

Lotta Rahme - Swedish traditional tanner.

Peter Ananin - Woodland Tannery - traditional tanner in Perthshire, Scotland

Wild Awake - Lucy O’Hagan - forest school, foraging and primitive crafts teacher. Belfast, Ireland.

Linda Limeux - Willow and rush basketry courses

The Old Way - A yearlong training in a hunter gatherer life way based in Devon, UK

Trill Farm - natural and simple living courses, including sheep skin tanning

Seeing through Natures Eyes - a yearlong training in nature immersion, foraging and crafts.

The Wilderness Trust - A Neolithic Settlement in Wales teaching courses in ancient crafts and traditional building

Low impact - an online directory of courses, blogs, articles and information about natural skills and sustainable living.

Common bark tan mistakes - article

Books we recommend:

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