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Hide Tanning Camp
Brain Tanning Deerskin and
Bark Tanning Rabb
it and Fish



This is a hands on, in depth 6 day course in traditional hide tanning.

Using natural and traditional methods you’ll learn to transform the skins of deer, rabbit and salmon into strong leather that can last a lifetime.
This course is designed to give you the skills to tan hides at home, so our set up is simple and easy to re create.


We aim to demystify the science of tanning while enjoying the mysterious art of tanning!

You will go home with a whole brain tanned buckskin, a bark tanned fluffy rabbit fur and a bark tanned salmon leather.

During the camp we will cover:


Deer Braintan Buckskin:

- Storing and Preparing hides

- Scraping, fleshing and dehairing

- Liming and rinsing

- Braining and softening

- Smoking and washing


Bark Tanning Rabbit and Salmon Skins

- Bark harvesting and solution preparations

- Skin scraping and processing

- Bark tanning process

- Oiling and softening

This course is accessible to all regardless of race, gender, politics or personality. All are welcome.
However, hide tanning and camping requires some physical strength so if you have health concerns then please get in touch and we can discuss if this course is going to work for you, you might be better suited coming for day tuition in one of our tanneries.

Camp life

We have 2 hide tanning camps this year, both taking place in beautiful, relatively remote locations.

We invite people to fully immerse in camp life - going with the rhythms of the day and the hides. We have a main fire and shelter which will be central to our time together. 
On both of these sites there is a compost toilet and flat places to camp amongst ancient trees. Bring a tent or tarp and enjoy sinking into nature. There is very little noise or light pollution.
We invite you to leave screens behind where possible.
We serve a hearty dinner each day using local and organic ingredients, with wild/local meat and vegetarian options.

We start at 9am on the first day and finish at 12pm on the final day.
For people travelling a long distance you are welcome to arrive the night before to set up camp.



We have a few concessionary places available. Send us an email to enquire.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 will secure your place. Full payment will be required by 6 weeks before the course starts.

21st - 26th May 2024

Dartmoor, Devon



27th August- 1st September 2024

Nr Machynlleth, Mid Wales



In their ability to transmit a subtlety and depth of technique whilst all the while feeling like nothing more formal than friends at common work in the woods, Jessie and Jane possess a rare mastery of the teacher's art; enabling each their own discovery of the craft, never simply telling us what to do. However, more important even than the expert instruction, was the experience of camp life that was created and shared. This was not really a course, but rather a remedy for amnesia; a glimpse of who we were during the forgotten majority of our history, and who we could be again, if we are to do better by each other and by the earth.

-Sam Robinson, course participant 2016


This course is a must. The setting is stunning, the food is beautiful and the atmosphere is beyond warm and welcoming. It is incredible to watch the skill and passion these ladies devote to tanning - something I was delighted to absorb and hope very much to carry on.

Would strongly recommend to anyone with any interest in tanning, or pretty much anyone!

- Mary Bowman, course participant 2018


A highly recommended course. The course was delivered very professionally by two very knowledgeable and highly skilled tutors. The depth of their experience with tanning was evident by their ability to guide the whole group through all of the processes, from raw hides to a beautiful finished buckskin to take away. Their energetic and hands-on approach meant whatever concern or question you had was resolved quickly - it was an incredible learning process. Camping so close to the hide working area meant the whole experience was immersive and holistic.

I can not praise the course enough.

~ Tony, course participant, 2017

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